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Friday, May 4, 2012

Larry Donn RIP

Arkansas rockabilly legend Larry Donn died May 1, 2012. This message is an especially sad one to me since I had steady conctact with him over the last time. He was a friendly person and always willing to help. He will be greatly missed.


WESTEX said...

Such a shame. "Honey Bun" / "That's What I Call A Ball" are two of the greatest piano rockers of all time. I got to set and have lunch with Larry Donn and Eddie Angel at big Oneida RAB week 10 years back... has it really been that long?

Super nice guy.

rockin-djames said...


It's a great lost. Larry Donn was a very nice and human personn, i was lucky to have seen him a fe times, especially when he does his come back.

His recordings output is one the finest fifties rockers and of course his Vaden single : masterpiece of rock and roll rockabilly.



Don Lockwood said...

I knew Larry Donn very well via the suitcase of emails that he and I exchanged. LaST year A commemorative photo CD of Larry's 1959 "Honey Bun " was reprinted by me and I sent a copy to Larry. He really liked the artwork, including a photo of himself at the keyboards. I also recorded a version just last hear to keep the flame burning for Larry.
We owe a lot to Larry . Some of you may have heard him tell stories of his life on the road while taking his Rockabilly music to the people around Arkansas.
Miss you Larry, Don Lockwood on Vancouver Island, Canada

Anonymous said...

Larry and I would hire each other over the years.He hired me when he had a studio in Jonesboro,Arkansas--I hired him at the radio station I managed or worked. He was a great talent---he new how to play nearly every intrument and played it well or he didn't play. He didn't care about any other music - just "Rock-a-Billy". I miss our late night phone calls.