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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Johnnie Hargett on Cherry

Johnnie Hargett and the Music Makers - Rock the Town Tonight (1960), Cherry 1016

This is what rockabilly was supposed to sound like in 1954 or 1955...but not 1960! Johnnie Hargett laid down a top notch rockabilly side which came six years too late. No info on Hargett or the Music Makers at all but this one was released in 1960 on the Scottsville, Kentucky, based Cherry label with "God's Gift to the Men" on the flip side.

Owned by Joe Dyson, Cherry is today famous for releasing Art Adams' records and Tommy Holmes' "Wac-Chic-Ka-Nocka." Hargett had two other country singles on Cherry, one in 1959 featuring "Teardrops in the Snow" b/w "Please Tell Me" (Cherry 1002/3), which was mentioned in Billboard on July 27, 1959.


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Very Good! Thanks :-)

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You can find a photo and some information about Johnnie Hargett on my website: