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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boom Chica Boom

 Reup by request. I listened a lot to Johnny Cash in the last few days, so this post fits in very nicely. Hope you enjoy it.


track listing:
1. Delbert Barker - So Doggone Lonesome
2. Sleepy LaBeef - Home of the Blues
3. Marie Roberson - Hell Bound Train
4. Jack Reno - The Biggest Man
5. Houston Barks - She's Gone
6. Paul Evans - I Got Stripes
7. Bill Mack - Johnny's Gal Frankie
8. Sleepy LaBeef - Don't Make Me Go
9. Charlie Stewart - Who'd Lie on Johnny Cash?
10. Lonnie Smithson - Quarter in the Jukebox
11. Kenny Owens - Hey Porter
12. Benny Barnes - Give My Love to Rose
13. Jimmy Webb - Jimmy Six
14. Kenny Owens - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
15. Johnny Sea - Frankie's Man Johnny

1 comment:

D.J. said...

Excellent post. I have a long drive today. This will be one I will be listening to. Thanks!