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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dateline Disaster

Rusty Adams / Kathy Dean  - Dateline Disaster (Briar 45-153)

Rusty Adams - Angels from the Opry (Briar 45-153)

March 5, 1963: Country music stars Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins died in a plane crash near Camden, Tennessee. Unlike the deaths of other stars like Jimmie Rodgers or Hank Williams, the death of the three did not cause cover versions, soundalikes, or tribute songs that tried to profit from the tragedy. The Brair release of Rusty Adams and Kathy Dee is believed to be the only one that appeared right after the crash.

Rusty Adams also had a release on D Records and was a one of Tops Records' soundalike singers in the 1950s. Kathy Dean was possibly also known as Kathy Dee (1933-1968)  recorded also for Carlton in the early 1960s, Decca, United Artists, and B-W. She was also a featured act on the WWVA Jamboree.

This 45 comes from bobsluckycat. Other tributes were done by Ray Guyce and his Lonesome Valley Boys ("A Tribute to the Stars," Brite Star Records) and Dick Heil ("Three Country Stars" on MRM 103). Thanks to Bob for this info!


Bob The Sponge said...

Another one is "A Tribute To The Stars" 's Ray Guyce And His Lonesome Valley Boys on Brite Star. I think I've seen two or three other tributes.

Bob The Sponge said...

Another one :

Dick Heil : Three Country Stars, M.R.M. 103, produced by Jack Rivers