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Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello folks! February 2008 saw the first post on this blog and I guess this is a good occasion to celebrate it with a special anniversary compilation. 25 tracks with the best of four years CRH, ranging from country to rock'n'roll and even a little bit pop. Also included are some rare track you will not find on any other comp. Enjoy!


track list:
1. Houston Turner - Uncle John's Bongos
2. Ray Harris - Greenback Dollar (alternate take)
3. Eddy Bell - Rock'n'Roll USA
4. Al Oster - Paddle Wheeler
5. Al Dexter - Calico Rag
6. Dave Dudley - It's Gotta Be That Way
7. Jimmy & Dorothy Blakley - You Left Me with the Blues
8. Western Cherokees - Cherokee Steel Guitar
9. Charlie Waggoner - One Eyed Sam
10. Sonny Fisher - I Can't Lose
11. Bobby Wayne - Swing Train Twist
12. Bobby Wayne - Twistin' Swing Train
13. Unknown band - Steel Guitar Rag
14. Buck Trail - Beneath Miami Skies
15. The Sensations Sound - Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
16. Mike Waggoner - Bye Bye Johnny
17. Billy Stephens - Dozen Diamond Man
18. Baker Knight - Things Are Looking Good
19. Chuck Reed - A Southern Boy Sings the Blues
20. Johnny Cash - I Got a Woman (live)
21. Rhythm Rockets - My Shadow
22. Derrell Felts - The Weepers
23. Kenny Owens - Hey Porter
24. Red Kirk - It's Nothing to Me
25. Eddy Bell - Knock, Knock, Knock (Knocking on Your Door)

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