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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tennessee Rock, Vol. 2

Finally, I made the decision to use another filehoster in order to post my comps here. Since Megaupload is down I've lost a great amount of my own compilations because I had not all of them on my pc. So if anyone out there has them still (I hope some of them do!), please send them to me, I'd like to have them back for reposts.

Back to the music. This is the second installment of the "Tennessee Rock" series. I'm especially proud to present two very obscure titles here which aren't reissued yet, so grab it while you can. This disc features recordings that were done in Tennessee but not in Nashville or Memphis (apart from one or two exception). I am planning to do also one with Memphis recordings (but no Sun/Meteor/Fernwood/Hi cuts) and Nashville stuff (no major label stuff). The next download will be a special anniversary compilation because Mellow's Log Cabin exists now four years. Stay tuned!


track list:
1. Phil Barclay - Young Long Lohn
2. Johnny Reno - Naughty Mama
3. Dixieland Drifters - Bongos and Uncle John
4. Billy Wayne - Walking and Strolling
5. Lynn Pratt - They're Learning
6. Kenny Parchman - Don't You Know
7. Charlie Waggoner - Oney Eyed Sam
8. Franklin Stewart - That Long Black Train
9. Brownie Johnson - The Sun Would Never Shine
10. Larry Brinkley - Right String, Wrong Yo Yo
11. Nelson Ray - Walkin' Shoes
12. Joe Griffith - Annabelle Lee
13. Jay Earls - Baby I'm Lonesome
14. Lynn Pratt - Come Here Mama


Uncle Gil said...

I can help with these... just ask !

Dave Duddley - Early Country & Western Rock - CRH C-22 (Mellow comp)
Dave Dudley - The Country Rock Sound Of - CRH16 (Mellow Compil)
Ray Harris - GreenbackDollar - Mellow's Home Made CD
VA - Boom Chicka Boom - Cash-A-Likes (Mellow comp')
VA - CRH09 - Gateway Rock & Roll Soundalikes (Mellow Comp)
VA - CRH10 - Dixieland Boogie (Mellow Compilation)
VA - CRH14 - Dixieland Blues II (Mellow Compilation)
VA - CRH17 - Rock From Bakersfield (Mellow Comp)
VA - CRH18 - Mean Eyed Cats (Cash Sound-A-Likes) - Mellow Comp
VA - Starday & Dixie Rock & Roll Soundalikes (CRH07) Mellow's Home Comp
VA - Tennessee Rock - CRH08 (Mellow comp')
VA - Tops Rock & Roll Soundalikes - CRH11 (Mellow Comp)

Anonymous said...

right string but the wrong yo yo is a great tune.thank for this post!

ralph11 said...

I hadn't visited your blog for a while, due to personal obligations and such,but am glad to be able to do so again. Thank you for the second volume of Tennessee Rock.
I see you have a new file host since the demise of Megaupload. Let me say I don't think much of them. For this 2nd volume of Tennessee Rock, as I am not a member of theirs, the download time is around 45 minutes for a relatively small file. Recently, I think the more efficient host has proved to be Mediafire if you don't have a membership.
Anyways, thanks for all your work.

Mellow said...


recently I switched to MediaFire and I will upload all coming posts there. Thanks for the nice words!

Anonymous said...


Please Re-Up!Thanks A Lot!