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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paul & Roy on Mercury

Paul & Roy, the Tennessee River Boys - Spring of Love (Mercury 6374-X45), 1952

I must admit I have found no clue to the identity of Paul and Roy, the Tennessee River Boys. According to our friend Bob (Dead Wax blog), one half of the duo was Roy Pryor. It’s a shame they are not better known since their effort presented here on Mercury is worth listening. This one comes from 1952 and really fits into the bluegrass/country mixture trends that were popular back then, popularized by such acts as Johnnie & Jack.

Paul and Roy had at least three other release on Mercury as well as two singles on the Nashville based independent label Pace Records (credited to “Paul & Roy and the Tennessee River Boys”). The earliest mention of the duo I was able to find dates back to 1951 in Billboard.

Mercury 6360: Every Dog Must Have His Day / ? (1951)
Mercury 6374-X45: Spring of Love / You’ve Been Cheating on Me, Darling (1952) 

Mercury 6406: Only Pretending / The Shape My Heart’s In (1952) 
Mercury 70121: Don’t Ever Tell Me / ? 
Pace 1003: Meet the Lord Half Way / There Will Be No Disappointments 
Pace 1004: Free, Twenty-One and Ambitious / I Wish You’d Be a Country Girl 

Mercury recordings as by “Paul & Roy, the Tennessee River Boys”
Pace recordings as by “Paul & Roy and the Tennessee River Boys”

Thanks to: Bob


Bob The Sponge said...

Roy is certainly Roy Pryor.

Earlier Mercury release (1951) was Mercury 6360 : Every Dog Must Have His Day /?

Mellow said...

Thanks for the additions Bob. I guess he's not related to Cactus Pryor? Cactus had a son named Paul Pryor (so Paul & Roy are possibly brothers?) But only guess, just wonderin'...

Floyd said...

Realy enjoyed this cut by Paul & Roy. Thanks Floyd

1 Proud p0p said...

Roy was my Dad Roy Pryor & Paul was Paul Boswell. They played together for years and toured with Cowboy Copas on a Canadian tour in the late '40s-early '50s. I have Dad's 1948 Gibson A-50 mandolin & it still plays sweet, even tho it's on its' 3rd fret board. They were offered a job at Opryland when it opened in order to use the copyrighted name "Tennessee River Boys" but when they learned the job consisted of performing the same songs over & over they declined & relinquished rights to Opryland.

Mellow said...

Hello, thank you very much for your comment, your dad was an excellent musician! Are you willing to answer a couple of question? I'd like to have some more info on them.

1 Proud p0p said...

I tried to email you but your email client isn't installed. You can leave me a message on Facebook under my name, Philip Pryor and I'll do what I can for you. I was looking for some pics of Dad and have a few but I'll check as I know I have 1 good one

Mellow said...

Thanks, please send me an email through this form: http://arkansas45s.blogspot.com/p/contact.html

This is another blog of mine which has a contact form, I really should have one for this blog too!

1 Proud p0p said...

It's funny that Johnny & Jack were mentioned as Dad hung out with the brother who lived on Riverside Dr. off of Shelby Park. Noel Ball, Jimmy Dickens, H. D, Ayers, Benny Martin; the list was long of people who were around back in the day and we kids never realised how lucky we were just to be around them. Tommy Neblitt was one of the best studio guitarist around & played on quite a few recordings locally. He was laid back & subtle with a smooth style, even with his 3 pack a day habit. Mr. Pace was known around town for his pinball machine endeavors before his venturing into music publishing. Nashville was sure a much smaller town back then! I'll post more as these old memories are seeping back. Philip Pryor

1 Proud p0p said...

There's a brand new dress down at the store my wife would like to wear. But she's afraid to try it on she know where it will tear. She's gonna have to lose some weight before she takes a chance. She thinks it might help us to rekindle our romance. Mama's on a diet tryin' to lose some fat, I get so hungry sometime I think I'll cook the cat! I wonder if it's worth it, what will be our fate?? Moma's on a diet but the family's losing weight!

1 Proud p0p said...

The above is the 1st verse & chorus from "Mama's On A Diet" written by Roy Pryor. Lonzo & Oscar performed it on the Opry a few times until the were told not to as Dad wasn't in the Musicians Guild at the time. Things were a little bit more loose back in the day. You could brown bag your bottle & roll your own Country Gentleman smokes inside the Ryman and there was no such thing as a racial devide. Truly was the good ole days!

ralph11 said...

Just got through reading the comments. It adds much tothe music itself. Thank you all.

1 Proud p0p said...

I have a cassette tape of some of Dads' stuff but I think it some gospel he wrote after they were stranded in that old grain elevator on Kentucky Lake during a hurricane in 1950. If I can find it I'll try to convert it & share.

Anonymous said...

Paul is Paul Boswell the blind guitarist and tenor.Paul was my dad he and Roy toured with Cowboy Copas. My dad did a lot of
studio recording and played all types of music and instruments.)

Harlan Taylor said...

Enjoyed all of the comments on this one! Would either of you have a picture of Paul and Roy together?

Thanks so much for this, Mellow.