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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas with Karling

The Christmas time and the Holiday season is coming nearer and nearer and it is the same procedure as every year. Artists releasing albums, recording the 1000th version of "Jingle Bells" trying to cash in. One of South California's leading rockabilly singers, Karling Abbeygate, is no exception here. She also recently released her Christmas longplayer "Christmas with Karling." Many of the songs she presents on this album were written by herself.

A voice more comparable to rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson and a band like fire on many tracks, I couldn't imagine her singing sweet christmas songs. I have to admit that I was not very excited after listening to the first two songs on the record. "What's in the Box" is definitely not my taste of music at all and in my opinion, it doesn't fit to the spirit of christmas. Her cover of "Jingle Bells" is at the average, not an outstanding performance. The backing band is nice here. Track three, "Christmas Party," however, is a really rocking performance with the Christmas theme. Abbeygate is in good form here and the band supports here with a great backing. Another good song is the up-tempo "Honey's Coming Home for Christmas" with a typical slap bass. Abbeygate has the chance to present her good voice on the track "The First Noel," which is a really good performance. "Deck the Halls" features a nice electric guitar and pleasant piano work, while the album closes with two okay versions of "Silent Night" and "Auld Lang Syne."

In my opinion, this is really not one of the best Christmas albums. However, Abbeygate recorded some good tracks which can be enjoyable during the Christmas time. The album gets better with the later tracks. Abbeygate's voice is not made for pleasant Christmas songs but I really look forward to upcoming albums in the typical rockabilly style. I think she can really tear up the floor with her voice - but not during the Holiday season.

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Deb said...

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Amir Attar said...

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