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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old Banners review

When I first listened to this album, I thought that I have heard the singer's voice before. But it was not until I listened to the track "Banners and Ceiling," when I noticed: "Oh well, Andrew Bailman sounds like the Decemberists' singer!" (For all people who do not know who Andrew Beilman is: he's the singer of Old Banners.) I even believed he is the singer until I looked it up and my sharp witted conclusion was destroyed. But I don't want to compare them to the Decemberists, because I'm sure these boys from Dallas don't intend to copy anybody's music - and they don't do. They have a brand of music on their own.

Old Banners, that is Andrew Beilman (vocals/guitar/banjo), Tanner Enloe (bass/vocals), Daniel Beilman, and James McFadyen. All tracks were written by Andrew Beilman.

The first track is not longer than a minute and presents some banjo playing. This gag is repeated one more time on the album, which really starts with the second song "2nd Gnome Eats for Free."The harmony background singing adds to the soft and dreamy melody and makes this ditty a really good folk piece. If you listened to this song, you know what you can expect for the next nine tracks: dreamy, soft, slow melodies with thoughtful lyrics and typical folk instrumentation. "Banners and Ceiling," done in the Decemberists vein with banjo and harmonica, is the best song on the album in my opinion. This is really music for a cold winter evening to sit in front of the fireplace - listening to "Old Banners."

A recommandation from me: If you come home from a hard working day, throw this album in your CD player and listen to some real good folk stuff.

Visit Old Banners at reverbnation.com

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