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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jim Harless on Shadow

Jim Harless and the Lonesome Valley Boys - "Rock & Roll Fever Ain't Got Me" (Shadow 104)

Here's a good bluegrass song by Jim Harless, backed by the Lonesome Valley Boys. I virtually know nothing about this group, which was presumably from Bristol, Tennessee. The banjo player on these sides was Ray Jones. "Rock & Roll Fever Ain't Got Me" was the flip to the instrumental "Banjo Bells," some kind of a christmas record. Harless is listed in Terry Gordon's Rockin' Country Style database and fits perfectly to the Denver Duke & Jeffrey Null track "Rock and Roll Blues." I first intended to put this one on the new volume of "Tennessee Rock" but since it's really no rock'n'roll style, I decided it to post it this way. The flip will be pop up here in December.


Brenda Harless said...

Jim Harless was my father in law. He did indeed grow up in Bristol, Tennessee, and had a show on WRKM radio in Carthage, Tennessee. We still have several fan letters and requests that were mailed to him at the station. He loved country music and had the house band at Panther Hall when he and his family moved to Fort Worth, Texas. Unfortunately, he passed away about 10 years ago. We have no copies of his records. If anyone knows where we can obtain a copy please email me at bg1215@sbcglobal.

Brenda Harless said...

left off complete email. It should be bg1215@sbcglobal.net