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Friday, September 23, 2011

Deutsche Trucker Hits

Here's a nice CD issued probably in the 1980s by the CD Music label in Germany. It's a budget album (yes, also in Germany the budget LPs were very popular) containing cover versions of popular German so called "Trucker Hits." Country music here is played by many bands but I always prefer authentic American music because the German singers and bands often sound like a cheap imitation. However, these songs here are really nice. My favorites are "Easy Rider" (originally by Truck Stop) and "Intercity Linie 4" as well as "Ohne Moos nichts los" (both originally by Gunther Gabriel). Hope you enjoy it!


track list (original artists in brackets):
1. Easy Rider (Truck Stop)
2. Intercity Linie 4 (Gunther Gabriel)
3. Oh My Darling Caroline (Ronny)
4. Manta (Norbert und die Feiglinge)
5. Ohne Moos nichts los (Gunther Gabriel)
6. Der Tramp (Truck Stop)
7. Addios amigo (?)
8. Alle Mädchen ab 30...(lieben am besten) (Gunther Gabriel)
9. Ich schlaf nicht gern allein (Gunther Gabriel)
10. Laß die Mädels wissen (Truck Stop)
11. Rocky (Frank Farian)
12. Mississippi (Pussycat)
13. Fürstenfeld (S.T.S. - thanks to countryhank)
14. Im Wagen vor mir (Henry Valentino & Uschi)


Countryhank said...

The artists of this song below are the group S.T.S. I don't know what that means and I don't know the members. Maybe someone can find out!

13. Fürstenfeld (?) - STS

Timmy said...

Thanx for das groovy collections of Duetchslanderia Truckers hitsenheimers!