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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Prayers from Hell

I remember posting this one year or so ago. Since it was deleted, here it is one more time! "Prayers from Hell" is a wonderful collection containing white old-time music gospel. Many of the artists are well-known in the old-timey field, for example the Monroe Brothers, Dock Boggs, or the Carter Family. The man on the front cover standing with the dog is Frank Hutchison by the way, while the other photo shows the Dixon Brothers with an unknown radio announcer. Two of the most outstanding songs here are Dock Boggs' "New Prisoner's Song" (the sadest song I ever heard) and "I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray" by the Dixon Brothers, which became later known as "Wreck on the Highway." I recommend this disc to everyone who is listening to old-timey and all those who did not give it a listen: try it!


track list:
1. Carolina Ramblers String Band - That Lonesome Valley
2. Monroe Brothers - Am I Ready to Go
3. Carter Family - Church in the Wildwood
4. Dock Boggs - New Prisoner's Song
5. Dixon Brothers - I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray
6. Bill Carlisle - The Heavenly Train
7. Frank Hutchison - Hell Bound Train
8. Byron Parker and his Mountaineers - Shall We Rise
9. Dock Boggs - Down South Blues
10. Edith and Sherman Collins - What Will You Take in Exchange
11. Dorsey & Beatrice Dixon - Shining City Over the River
12. Rodgers & Nicholson - Worried Man Blues
13. Carter Family - It Is Better Farther On
14. Dock Boggs - Country Blues
15. Monroe Brothers - What Would the Profit Be
16. Bill Carlisle's Kentucky Boys - Unclouded Sky
17. Frank Hutchison - Stackalee
18. Dixon Brothers - When Gabriel Blows his Trumpet for Me
19. Byron Parker and his Mountaineers - I Love My Savoir
20. Dock Boggs - Sugar Baby
21. Bill Carlisle - He Will Be Your Savior Too
22. Ledford & Daniel Nicholson - Ninety Nine Years
23. Dorsey & Beatrice Dixon - When Jesus Appears
24. Dock Boggs - Pretty Polly
25. Edith and Sherman Collins - I Can't Feel at Home in This World Anymore


iggy said...

Thanks for these wonderful "prayers" my friend. I look forward to a great weekend's listening. All the best to you,


Pete Krebs and the Portland Playboys said...

Wonderful -- I was only able to download half the record, though! Is there a problem with the download?

Mellow said...

I had no troubles downloading the whole folder, does the problem still exist?

Rhythm & Truths said...

Wonderful stuff. I think I might just play some of this stuff on my radio show.