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Monday, July 4, 2011

Shoot Grandpa!

At first I want to make clear that I do not want to shoot any grandpaw. In fact, my grandpa is still living and I like him alot, so don't get me wrong! I wanted to do such a compilation for some time now and last week I finally did it. On this comp, you will find many instrumentals, which is not unusual for late 50s and early 60s Rock'n'Roll combos. However, I hope you enjoy it!


track list:
1. Willy Tremain's Thunderbirds - Midnight Express
2. Bobby Wayne and the Swing Trainers - Swing Train twist
3. Doug and the Inn Truders - What's Up
4. The String Kings - The Bash
5. Bill Logsdon and the Royal notes - Spitfire
6. The Swing Rayes - Ramrod
7. Rhythm Rockets - Donny's Boogie
8. Mickey Hawks and the Night Raiders - Cottonpickin'
9. Night Rockers - Let's have a party
10. The Swing Rayes - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
11. bBill parker with the Tunes & House Rockers - Boogie Beat Rock & Roll
12. Rel Yea's - Round Rock Boogie

1 comment:

rockin-djames said...

Hi Mellow

Thanks a lot for this new wonderful comp, great choice of rockin' stuffs and again a beautiful cover.

I like grand daddy especially if grand daddy's rockin as Mac Curtis done on his fabulous KING single.

Thanks a lot and wait for the next.

You, Domino, Harlan, Johnny and many others doing a great job for collectors.