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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mean Eyed Cats

I'm getting messed up with my weekly schedule of posts I used in the past (Monday download, Thurday's "day post", weekend no post) and I am also posting not as often as I did in the past. So I decided to break with it and post whenever I have something to post. So here we go with a new compilation of Cashalikes. Again and again I find new Johnny Wannabes on record, so I am pretty sure more volumes will follow. I believe none of the tracks on this disc have been used by Cactus Records for their "House of Cashalikes" series (by the way, get when you can - they're great!). Hope you enjoy it!


track list:
1. Lloyd Dockery - Dream Girl
2. Wesley Hardin - Cry Cry Cry
3. E.C. Beatty - Ski-King
4. Nite-Cappers - A Heartbeat
5. Ray Pridie - Lonesome Broken Hearted Me
6. Red Kirk - It's Nothing to Me
7. Cliff Johnson - Twenty-Four Hours a Day
8. Lloyd Dockery - There Goes a Fool
9. Nite-Cappers - T.R. Special
10. Lonnie Smithson - Will You
11. Hal Smith - The Ballad of the Travelin Kid
12. Warren Smith - Black Jack David

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