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Friday, May 13, 2011

Don Gibson on RCA Victor

Don Gibson - I'm Movin' On (RCA Victor 47-7629), 1959

There are countless versions of Hank Snow's "I'm Movin' On". Don Gibson's 1959 recording is one of those version that struck me most (another candidate is Warren Smith's rendition). Snow composed and originally recorded the song in 1950 for RCA Victor. The record became one of Snow's biggest hits, reaching the Billboard number one position for 21 weeks and was the first of seven other Snow number one hits.

Don Gibson had a couple of hits on his own when he recorded "I'm Movin' On," most notable "Oh Lonesome Me" and "I Can't Stop Loving You." He had been with RCA for some years at that point and found his sound in the new Nashville pop influenced style. He recorded Hank Snow's classic tune on October 8, 1959, at the RCA Victor Studio on Hawkins Street in Nashville, produced by Chet Atkins. During the session, he was backed by famous Nashville session musicians Hank Garland (ld gtr), Jimmie Selph (gtr), Junior Huskey (bs), Buddy Harman (dms), Floyd Cramer (pno) and the Anita Kerr Singers as background vocalists. Also recorded were "Big Hearted Me," "Maybe Tomorrow" and "Everybody But Me."

Billboard spotlight review on October 19, 1959
Gibson's version was released soon afterwards coupled with "Big Hearted Me" on RCA Victor 47-7629 and got a good review in Billboard. The single proved to be a strong seller and reached #14 on Billboard's C&W charts. Surely not one of Gibson's biggest hits but though a respectable success.

For me, Gibson's more pop influenced sound gives "I'm Movin' On" a completely different feeling. Don't get my wrong - I like Hank Snow's version very much, but Gibson turned it into a even rocking direction with Hank Garland's great guitar work. One of Gibson's best recordings, if you ask me!

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plasticsun said...

I must agree - this is a great version. thanks