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Monday, May 2, 2011

"Born Fancy" review

 During the last two weeks, my record collection was expanded by three new albums. Apart from Steve Martin's new bluegrass album, there were two CDs by a band called "The Fancy Dan Band." I guess most of you folks never heard of Fancy Dan Nordheim and his group but that doesn't matter at all. The only thing you have to do is: give 'em a listen.

The Fancy Dan Band is based in San Francisco and plays a mixture between country, rock'n'roll and blues - so to say some of the most important musical genres in one style. "Born Fancy" was recorded in a three-day session in Nashville in 2008 as the group's debut, which will be the subject of today's review. The album kicks off with "Wake Up Fancy", a bluesy, smoking tune that clarifies the sound of this album. Group leader Fancy Dan's relaxed vocals, simple arrangements, a solid rhythm section and nice guitar licks from lead guitarist Michael Loebs. All in all, a down-home country and blues rock'n'roll.

The second track is a little bit slower but still has a nice rock'n'roll sound to it. The rhythm guitar intro really reflects the band's blues influence. "So Long", the third track, is a slow number with a country-pop influence. The remaining nine tracks follow the scheme of the first three songs, which makes "Born Fancy" a groundstanding, enjoyable album. Other highlights for me are "By the Shore," "Use Me," "Poor Rich Man" and "I Wanna Be Born." In my opinion, the Fancy Dan Band is a good alternative to the usual rockabilly bands - you can imagine sitting in an old honky tonk, listen to Fancy Dan and his band playing on the stage and drinking a cold beer.

Go to the Fancy Dan Band's website

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