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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rockabilly Boys

Here's a good compilation with some very nice tracks. We have Aubrey Cagle here, Delbert Barker, Ray Pate & the Rhythm Rockets, and many more. Hope you like it.


track list:
1. Aubrey Cagle - Rock a Billy Boy
2. Lloyd McCollough - Hang Out
3. Parker Cunningham - Dry Run
4. Bobby Hardin - Dreamer Boy
5. Burrie Manso - My Woman
6. LaVerne Stovall - Left Behind
7. Gray Montgomery - Right Now
8. Tooter Boatman - Life Begins at 4 O'Clock
9. Hank Davis - One-Way Track
10. Orbits - My Rosa Lee
11. Jim Wilson - Have a Tear on Me
12. Kenny Smith - I'm So Lonesome Baby
13. Buddy Miller - I Got Me a Woman
14. Jack Cochran - Pity Me
15. Sabres - Little Miss Ivey
16. Carl Trantham - Where There's a Will (There's a Way)
17. Ray Pate & the Rhythm Rockets - My Shadow
18. Herrold White - You're Not Mine
19. Aubrey Cagle - Bop'n'Stroll
20. Boppers - Little Bitty Rockabilly
21. Norman Bullock - Moanin' the Blues
22. Rusty York - The Girl Can't Help It
23. Delbert Barker - No Good -- Robin Hood
24. Huelyn Duvall - Let's Make a Block
25. David Ray - Lonesome Baby Blues

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