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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tennessee Trio - Track Down Baby

This is the first download post for a relatively long time. This album was send to me by Werner, I'd like to express my gratitude to him for posting this. The Tennessee Trio is a Rockabilly band of the "new generation" with the classic line-up of lead guitar, rhythm guitar and upright bass. This album, which is now out of print, consists of cover version of classic Rockabilly songs. I'm sure you will recognize many of them. Hope you enjoy it!


track list:
1. Track Down Baby
2. Country Hicks
3. Have Myself a Ball
4. Burnin' the Wind
5. Roses are Bloomin'
6. If You Don't Know
7. Mountain Guitar
8. Don't Shoot Me Baby
9. Old Moss Back
10. Ain't No Sign (I Wouldn't If I Could)
11. Rock and Roll on a Saturday Night
12. Servant of Love
13. Real Gone Daddy
14. You'll Never Come Back


Mredondo said...


I have this album already - Tennessee Trio are one of my faves.

Rock on!


Rob Slater said...

You probably know but your download not available..

Mellow said...

Rob I know but I don't have that album anymore...