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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dixie Play Boys on Still

"Got Your Love on My Mind"

"Hillbilly Banjo"

The Dixie Play Boys on Still Records from Markham, Illinois. The labels have "WARN" written on it, possibly a radio station.
Good Bluegrass here but I did not find much info on the Dixie Play Boys, there surely were many bands of the same name. Group members included the Sloas Brothers with Kenny Sloas on banjo. Both tracks were written by Johnny Sloas. Both also played in another Bluegrass band called "The Sloas Brothers." Another brother, Dave Sloas, was also a member of this group. The three Sloas brothers also wrote the song "I'm Going Home Again," which was recorded by the band Longview on their second album.


Anonymous said...

Both songs are Hillbilly Banjo

Mellow said...

It's corrected.

Millie Gilliam said...

Thank you for putting these two recordings on this 45 of the Sloas Brothers. John Sloas, the fiddle player is/was my daddy.......and his brother Kenny my Uncle. We appreciate any and all that are helping us to keep their music and the memories of our loved ones alive. Thank you and God Bless!!

Millie Gilliam said...

The Sloas Brothers played under several names, they could have gone professional without any complications.....however, they chose being with family, over being gone so much. However they used their God gifted talent and enjoyed using it to entertain and help out their neighbors any way they could!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mellow, can you PLEASE renew the download link to HILLBILLY BANJO?
Thanks very much.