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Monday, March 28, 2011

Country Hicks, Volume 7

This outstanding compilation on the Bark Log label was given to me by our friend Werner. This disc has some true gems on it. Most tracks were recorded by obscure country artists. Exceptions are Black Jack Wayne, Lucky Hill and Bobby Boyle, who recently passed away. The others did not found much attention in the country/rockabilly research field. Notable tracks here are the version of "Honky Tonk Blues" by an unknown artists and Dale Davis' "Crazy Little Guitar Man," later recorded by Red Foley. Hope you enjoy it!


track list:
1. Glenn and Vivian Watson - Just Keep on Going
2. Ray Baker - Gotta Have Your Lovin'
3. Tommy Castle - I've Done More Accidentally
4. Bill Chambers - She's Treatin' Me Bad
5. Black Jack Wayne - Shallow Water Blues
6. Bro. Charlie Hendrickson - The Old Gospel Ship
7. Whitey Gallagher - Searchin'
8. Bobby Boyle - Ricky the Record Hound
9. Unknown artist - Honky Tonk Blues
10. Lucky Hill - I'm Checkin' Out
11. Carolina Drifters - Don't Monkey Round My Widder
12. Dale Davis - Crazy Little Guitar Man
13. Whitey Gallagher - Gotta Roam
14. Dreamy Joe - Sweetheart Boogie
15. Mack and Gwen - Baby I Want Another Date with You
16. Ralph Hart - Thee Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down


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oldrockboy said...

Thanks for this album. Great !

gypsy_lane said...

My dad is on the album cover.He continued on to play with Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Charlie Pride, Little Jimmy Dickens and lots more. I believe he has one of the original photos from this album.

Sidi said...

No way to download this great album?