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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock from Bakersfield

A cottonfield island disk that offers an outstanding listen to great, raw, raucous rhythms from back in Bakersfield's glorious early commercial music years. Mellow has captured it well here."
-- Bryce Martin, pioneer country music columnist for the Bakersfield Californian daily newspaper.

 This compilation was created with the help of Bryce Martin, to whom I want to express my gratitude. This disc deals with Rockabilly and Country Rock'n'Roll recordings out of Bakersfield before it was known as the capitol of a certain Country music style known as "Bakersfield Sound."


track list:
1. Al Hendrix - Rhonda Lee
2. Bonnie Blue Bell - Let's Go
3. Dusty Payne - Long Time Gone
4. Dusty Payne - My Walking Shoes
5. Bill Woods - Bop
6. Clif Crofford - There Ain't Nothin' Happenin' to Me
7. Bill Carter - I Wanna Feel Good
8. Duke Dickson - Walking Shoes
9. Al Hendrix - Monkey Bite
10. George Weston - Hold Still Baby
11. Cousin Herb Henson - Lose My Mind
12. Corky Jones - Hot Dog
13. Custer Bottoms - Stood Up Blues
14. Bill Woods - Phone Me Baby
15. Sid Silver - Bumble Rumble
16. Johnny Bond - Three or Four Nights


Anonymous said...

Thanks -- and what a great idea for a compilation!

Anonymous said...

Is this Al hendrix Limi's father ??

Mellow said...

I guess you meant Jimi Hendrix - and no, this Al Hendrix is not Jimi's father. Although Jimi Hendrix' father was also named Al, they are two different persons.