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Monday, December 6, 2010

CRH catalog and news

As you may know, the Mellow's Log Cabin catalog has grown to - at the moment - fifteen different compilations. Unfortunately, I am not able to realise and post my projects as fast as I wish because it takes a lot of time to compile the tracks, to design the covers, to do the researches for the liner notes, and finally to write them. That's why I posted a lot of "budget" comps with less information on the recordings and the artists during the last months, for example the soundalikes series. Currently, there are 15 discs in the CRH catalog:

CRH-01: Ray Harris - "Greenback Dollar - Complete Sun Recordings"
CRH-02: Sonny Fisher - "Texas Rockabilly"
CRH-03 VA - "20 Rockabilly Classics"
CRH-04: Derrell Felts - "Texas Rock & Roll"
CRH-05: Rhythm Rockets - "Complete Rhythm Rockets"
CRH-06: VA - "Rockabilly Duos"
CRH-07: VA - "Starday & Dixie Rock & Roll Soundalikes"
CRH-08: VA - "Tennessee Rock"
CRH-09: VA - "Gateway Rock & Roll Soundalikes
CRH-10: VA - "Dixieland Blues"
CRH-11: VA - "Tops Rock & Roll Soundalikes"
CRH-12: VA - "Boom Chica Boom"
CRH-13: VA - "Rock-a-Round Hop"
CRH-14: VA - "Dixieland Blues, Volume II"
CRH-15: VA - "Bye, Bye Johnny!"

At the moment, there are several more compilations in process. While I am working on comps dealing with Dave Dudley, Kenny Owens, Bakersfield rockabilly recordings, and a multi-part anthology of old-time music, I am also planning to start a new Dixieland Blues volume, more Tops/Gateway/Dixie soundalike discs, a second volume of "Tennessee Rock" and a compilation about Arkansas rock'n'roll. There are several more ideas flying around in my head... But as I said, this will take a lot of time, especially concerning the anthology, for the liner notes will be very extensive.
If you have any requests for compilations, comments, or additions, please feel free to contact me. I cannot promise to consider every request or comment but I will try to!

Best regards,


rockin-djames said...

Hi mellow

Thanks a lot for your great comps.
Wait for the next.
i know all the time you have to spend to do it.
Again Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I can assist in the Bakersfield rockabilly comp. I will offer suggestions and write the liner notes. Bryce.

Bryce said...

address for Bryce