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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Country Rock Sound of...

... Dave Dudley! Here's one I worked on for a very long time. It was very difficult to find Dudley's early recordings and still there are songs I wasn't able to locate, so there might be a second volume. For now, we have his very great sides for King, Starday, and Golden Wing among others. Some  of them aren't real Country & Western Rock, for example the wonderful country ballad "Where Do I Go from Here" but I included them because they are flip sides of C&W rock songs and they are very hard to find. You can read the story of Golden Wing here. I hope you enjoy!


track list:
1. Rock and Roll Nursery Rhyme
2. Nashville Blues
3. Careless Fool
4. It's Gotta Be That Way
5. Where Do I Go from Here
6. Six Days on the Road
7. I Feel a Cry Coming On
8. Cowboy Boots
9. Taxi-Cab Driver
10. Two Six Packs Away
11. Hillbilly Wolfe
12. Six Days on the Road


jim said...

Dave Dudley was always one of my favorites. He had a great voice and could really sing a country ballad. Problem was after "Six Days on the Road" he never could get away from trucker songs.

Jon said...

Well done, and thank you.!

Xavier Maire said...

Thanks for posting this LP. I ask for more: Dudley was a very fine artist on his own before he picked "Six days on the road" from Paul Davis' original (Bulletin label) 1960 version.

Mellow said...

Hi Xavier!

Do you have more info on the 1960 version? Never heard of anybody who recorded it before Dudley, thought he was the first.

Anonymous said...

"Hillbilly Wolf" is actually Link Wray.

Mellow said...

@Anonymous: I dealt with this issue on "Hillbilly Wolf" in my liner notes which you can find in the download folder. Actually, Guest Star released an LP of Link Wray with Dave Dudley and Dick Williams. The LP does not state clearly which track is performed by which artist. though this particular one is believed to be sung by Dudley (accompanied by Wray and his band).