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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carter Brothers & Son day

I must admit that I don't know too much about the Carter Brothers. The photo on the left circulates widely on the internet entitled "Carter Brothers & Son", showing a rural family. The father is holding a fiddle, one son a guitar and another one probably a different instrument. They came from Mississippi I think and recorded in the 1920s for OKeh and Brunswick. One of their recording was the fiddle tune "Nancy Rowland", which I presented to you a couple of weeks ago.

Here two recordings of the Carter Brothers & Son:
1. Jenny on the Railroad
2. Nancy Rowland


Anonymous said...

I have a recording of them doing "Leather Britches" that I took from a youtube posting of 78s, and also that "Jenny on the Railroad". Thanks for yet another. Good stuff.

boxcarro said...

I First Heard the Carter Brothers & Son in the 1970's on Folkways "Spin & Turn Jamboree" Collection, which I checked out of Hot Springs Arkansas Public Library. I love the Mouth Music they used. I have a curious mention, seeing as how I grew up (From 1962) in Arkansas, (We Left Texas when I was 12) & I had a Eyeball With Vance Randolph in Eurika Springs when I was in 4th. Grade, I had access to Anything Folkish, my Gransmother was GSA & a Recreation Director at the Arkansas State Hospital, okay...I Remember Reading that the Carter Brothers had a Farm near Parks Arkansas, where my Mother was Borned. Perhaps they had Moved? Depression was upon American during my Parents Youth, Dad born 1928 Mother 1932. So being forced to Relocate was often forced.
However, I Love the Old Music, [I don't play it, I am Jazz Player.] but I Love it.