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Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Daddy's Rockin', Vol. 6

Next week I will post the last volume of this series. Lenox LP102 was issued in 1996 and has some very great tracks on it. Jim Bullington is featured with his first version of "Love Bug Crawl", recorded for the Michigan based Lamp label. He later re-recorded it as Jimmy Edwards for Mercury and had a hit with the song. Hoyt Stevens, about virtually nothing is known, can be heard here with his "'55 Chevy". The two last great tracks are two cover versions, one by Danny Keebler ("Matchbox") and the other being Rand Parker with "Down at Big Mary's House", which is more popular by Bobby Brown. Brown and his lead guitarist Shorty Stewart are credited with writing this songs (Brown and the Curios recorded it in 1958 for Vaden). Rand Parker sounds like a black singer to me, very unusual that a black singer covered a white singer's tune. Does anybody has more info on that?


track list:
1. Vince Maloy - In Deed I Do
2. Jim Bullington - Love Bug Crawl
3. Buddy Barnett - Bunny-Hop
4. Tornados - Tornado Twist
5. Hank Crow - Crazy 'Bout You
6. Buck Wheat - Texas Woman
7. Hank Crow - Baby Me, Baby
8. Hoyt Stevens - '55 Chevy
9. Be Hall - Be Bop Ball
10. Joey Rand - The Long Blond Curls
11. Jack King - Dance Everybody
12. Danny Keebler - Matchbox
13. Larry Wheeler - Be My Baby, Baby
14. Rand Parker - Down at Big Mary's House

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