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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grand Daddy's Rockin', Vol. 3

Posted by Uncle Gil. Thanks to Uncle Gil, who provided the third volume. This one was issue twice, first in 1992 (Legend LP 004) and the in 1993 (Legend LP 1004). Has many great tracks on it, for example "I'm Gonna Rock Some Too" by the Hodges Brothers (pictured on the front cover), Bill Mack's "Johnny's Gal Frankie" and others. The "I'm Comin' Home" version was a Dixie soundalike, either recorded by Earl Aycock or Hal Harris. A Starday LP credited Earl Aycock, while the El Toro CD covering Hal Harris released recently credited Hal Harris. My personal guess is Aycock, but who knows...


track list:
1. Hodges Brothers - I'm Gonna Rock Some Too
2. Lee Slaughters - Hot Hamburger
3. Lloyd McCollough and the Drifting Hillbillies - Oh Darling
4. Burt Kline - Shove Off Short Stuff
5. Jimmy Pickard - I Got Another Love
6. Jimmie Dale - Tennessee Ghost Train
7. Lonnie Smithson - It Takes Time
8. Unknown artist - I'm Comin' Home
9. Danny & Audrey Harrison - Rock-a-Billy Boogie
10. Lloyd McCollough and the Drifting Hillbillies - Watch that Girl
11. Link Davis - Grasshopper
12. Leon Bass - Come On Baby
13. Vince Anthony - Too Hot to Handle
14. Bill Mack - Johnny's Gal Frankie


jean-pierre said...

frankie's gal johnnie is credited to an unknow on the lp,but it's cleazrly bill mack!

oldrockboy said...

I agree. I found some reference of "I'm Comin' Home" by Earl Aycock
Hillbilly Hit Parade Vol. 1 - Mercury MG 20282 track 15

But I found an other Unknown performing "I'm Comin' Home" on High On The Hog Vol. 3 track 21.
The vocal nearly the same as I hear.

Mellow said...


both articles you linked to were written by me! ;)
Discovering the El Toro CD was the first time I saw "I'm Comin' Home" to Hal Harris. Probably he played guitar on that track, but I think Aycock took over the vocals.

oldrockboy said...

Sorry, I didn't find your name.

jean-pierre said...

i belive mellow is right,hal harris only plays guitare on thius,he plays aloso on many dixies soudalikes sessions (dixit sleepy la beef on a n old new kommotion interview but he sang a little too!