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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bye Bye Johnny!

This one is a collection of cover and soundalike recordings of Chuck Berry hits. In fact, only Sleepy LaBeef's "Ride On Josephine" (based on Berry's "Maybelline") is a Chuckalike, the others are all covers. The "Johnny B. Goode" cover was issued as by "Steve Todd" on Tops, but my source for this recording was an old Eagle LP crediting this version to Frank Salinas. Has anyone info on that? Anyway, I hope you enjoy these sides.


track list:
1. Jim Lowe - Maybellene
2. The Sensations Sound - Sweet Little Rock and Roller
3. Ted Daigle - Sweet Little Sixteen
4. Sleepy LaBeef - Ride on Josephine
5. Steve Todd - Johnny B. Goode
6. Mike Waggoner and the Bops - Bye Bye Johnny
7. Eddie Bond & Cousin Bo-Jack - Memphis, Tennessee
8. Happy Harris - Rock and Roll Music
9. Leon Starr - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
10. Lloyd Arnold - School Days
11. Johnson Brothers - Roll Over Beethoven
12. Kirby St. Romain - Baby Doll


drfeelgoed said...

Thanks, I know loads of Berry covers, but none of these!

MrTeenSwe said...

Good comp. :)

Here is a list of a couple of other Berry sound-a-likes if you should make a second volume:

Big Daddy G: Big Berry Boss Man Guitar
Rufus Brown: Sweet Little Sixteen
Johnny Canales: Johnny B. Goode
Dave Johnson: International Runway
Leon Starr: Back In The USA

take care


Mellow said...

I will consider these!

Anonymous said...

Frank Salinas : Johnny B Goode 1958 Moonglow Records, New York
Sreve Todd : Johnny B Goode Top Records Los Angeles
Thanks for all you do for Rock 'n' Roll. Bernard (France)

Mellow said...

Thanks Bernard!