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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jimmy Evans - Pink Cadillac

Jimmy Evans is tearin' up the stage with his "Pink Cadillac". A great one!


jean-pierre said...

do you know is there a recording of pink cadillac with the beach boys on backing vocals?

Mellow said...

Evans recorded "Pink Cadillac" in the 1980s for Twin Records. But there were no Beach Boys on the recording - guess they don't even know Jimmy Evans exists.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy recorded "Pink Cadillac" at
American Sound Studios in Memphis.
The Beach Boys were in the studio
at the time, and they did add
backing vocals. However, Jimmy
was unable to release the recording
with The Beach Boys due to legal
reasons. The record label would
not let Jimmy release the version
with The Beach Boys on it. Twin
Records was a small record label in
Arkansas. A lot of hits were
cut at American Sound Studios in
Memphis. The Beach Boys are very
much aware of Jimmy Evans' existence.

Bill Durham said...

Jimmy is a personal friend of
mine, and I recorded "Pink
Cadillac" myself in 2004. My
version was released in Europe.
Jimmy has played with Conway
Twitty and Ronnie Hawkins. In the
field of rockabilly music, he's
a legend.

Anonymous said...

Which Beach Boys contributed vocals?