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Monday, October 18, 2010

Grand Daddy's Rockin', Vol. 1

Here's a cool LP from 1993. This is the first volume of six in the "Grand Daddy's Rockin'" series by the French Legend label. The group on the front cover are the Westport Kids from Kansas City, Missouri, which are featured here with two songs (recorded for the Westport label). You will also hear songs by Frank Deaton, Rex & Herb, Curtis Johnson and many more.


track list:
1. Jerry Dove - Pink Bow Tie
2. Rex & Herb - Come Back Big Bertha
3. Del Lavon - The Rockin' Chair Roll
4. Uncle Buck Lite - M'Ducktail
5. Frank Deaton - Just a Little Bit More
6. Curtis Johnson - Lover Boy
7. Curtis Johnson - Heading for the High School Hop
8. Westport Kids - You Can't Take It with You
9. Westport Kids - Your Kisses Turned Sour
10. Cowboy Bobby - Cap Gun Cowboy
11. Lendon Smith - Women
12. Eddie Jackson - Rock and Roll Baby
13. Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt - Hey Baby
14. Tiny Tim - I Gotta Find Someone


Chals Roig said...

Beautiful picture, fantastic music
thanks for your post.

jean-pierre said...

a first volume in a big serie
very good,thanks

Nate Hofer said...

Wow. Interesting to find the Westport Kids here. I've recently contacted the fiddler from this group here in Kansas City, MO for information from this era of our regional music.

Mellow said...


interesting! How about sharing your info with my readers? ;)