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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockabilly Boys

One of the many Buffalo Bop CDs that appeared in the last 17 years. This one is Buffalo Bop 55159 and appeared in 2003 in Germany. Usually, I'm not posting comps that are still in print but when it comes to Buffalo Bops, I often make an exception. This one features great music, my personal highlights are Aubrey Cagle's "Rock-a-Billy Boy", Alton Delmore's "Good Times in Memphis", Doug Amerson with "Bop, Man, Bop" and the Johnny Burnette Trio classic "You're Undecided".


track list:
1. Aubrey Cagle - Rock-a-Billy Boy
2. Bob Leers - Instant Love
3. Jack Smedley and the Melody Makers - Swet Sue Ann
4. Lefti Knight and his Rangers - I'm Losing You
5. Gordon Sizemore - Waddling Mama
6. Dale Oliver - Long Gone Daddy
7. L.C. Smith - Let the Big Times Roll
8. Uncle Hix and and the Happy Six - The Big Man Blues
9. Bob and Jerry - Who'se Gonna Cry for Me
10. Clinton O'Neal and the Country Drifters - Big Bad Wolf
11. Ted Creekmore - I Just Got Love Bug Bit
12. Stan Korb - Give Me Your Love
13. Buddy Phillips with the Rockin' Ramblers - Coffee Baby
14. Jimmy Graham - Rudy Tudy Baby
15. Fred Thompson - Please Be Fair
16. Cecil McCollough - Pick 'Em Up and Shake 'Em Up
17. Denver Bill (Clarke) and his Ranch Hands - My Bird Dog
18. Kenny McKennon and his Blue Cats - Call Your Daddy, Baby
19. James Dotson - Hi-Lift
20. Romeo Sullivan and the Serenaders - Haunting Rhythm
21. Gene Henslee - Dig'n and Datin'
22. Warren Robbe - My Chicken Pen
23. Jay Earls and the Holston River Boys - Baby, I'm Lonesome
24. Alton Delmore - Good Times in Memphis
25. Doug Amerson - Bob, Man, Bop
26. Danny Keebler - Matchbox
27. Warren Robbe - Single Man
28. Johnny Burnette - You're Undecided
29. Jitterbug Drag - Walter (Arkie) Bittle
30. Orden Sexton - Rock-a-Way


Rocky Lane said...

I understand that Buffalo Bop is no longer in business - sad. Bear Family has a supply of some of their CDs so posting CDs no longer available shouldn't be a problem.

mar-abunta said...

Thanks for share ;)