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Monday, July 26, 2010

Boom Chica Boom

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" - that's the device for our today's post. Cactus Records has put out two amazing collections of Cashalikes called "The House of Cashalikes", which feature many obscure artists who thought they could do the same the Man in Black did. Some of them got very close to their idol, for example Johnny Doe's "Devil Train" (which is not featured here). His voice just sound like Cash himself. Others tried to imitate the Cash sound that was produced by the Tennessee Three - a good example here is Lonnie Smithson with "Quarter in the Jukebox". However, I have compiled 15 Cashalikes that were not featured on the Cactus comps (except Houston Barks and Charlie Stewart). I hope you like it!


track list:
1. Delbert Barker - So Doggone Lonesome
2. Sleepy LaBeef - Home of the Blues
3. Marie Roberson - Hell Bound Train
4. Jack Reno - The Biggest Man
5. Houston Barks - She's Gone
6. Paul Evans - I Got Stripes
7. Bill Mack - Johnny's Gal Frankie
8. Sleepy LaBeef - Don't Make Me Go
9. Charlie Stewart - Who'd Lie on Johnny Cash?
10. Lonnie Smithson - Quarter in the Jukebox
11. Kenny Owens - Hey Porter
12. Benny Barnes - Give My Love to Rose
13. Jimmy Webb - Jimmy Six
14. Kenny Owens - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
15. Johnny Sea - Frankie's Man Johnny


Anonymous said...

Great Thank You!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome compilation, thanks a lot! And nice artwork, too! I just discovered your blog today on Uncle Gil's blogroll and I'm sure glad I did!

G-MINUS-MARK said...

Thanks for these!

When I do a 3rd JOHNNY CASH Soundalikes I'll consider these!

Big Thanks
Cactus Mark

Anonymous said...

FYI- Devil Train & Cab Drivin man were written and performed by Darryl Humphrey Sr. (Recorded as Johnny Doe).

Alfa said...

As Johnny Cash alike there are also "Making A Living With My Guitar" by Hal Smith and, more later, "Waymore's Blues" by Roy Orbison. Thanks

Mellow said...


Hal Smith's song can be found on House of Cashalikes Vol.1 (that's why I didn't include it) and "Waymore's Blues" by the Class of '55 isn't a real Cashalike cause JC himself sings on it.

Thanks for your comment!

MrTeenSwe said...

All Hal Smith 45's on Yucca are great cash sound-a-likes ... :)