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Friday, July 2, 2010

Bill Carlisle day

Bill Carlisle is best remembered as the hit making "Jumpin' Bill" with such songs as "No Help Wanted". But his career began very earlier. On the left you can see a photo of Bill on the right and his brother Cliff on the left.
Carlisle was born in 1908 in Wakefield, KY, and grew up in rural Kentucky. His brother Cliff, who was born in 1904, teached him how to play the guitar and by the 1920s, Bill appeared with Vaudeville shows. He made his first recordings for his brother's record company ARC and had a respectable success with "Rattlesnake Daddy". He also waxed numerous sides with brother Cliff for ARC and became his backup guitarist in 1934. During the 1930s, they also made countless radio appearences around the south. After 1939, Cliff gave up recording for a time but returned with Bill to the studio in the 1940s, scoring a hit with "Rainbow at Midnight". The rest is history.

The following recording was a test pressing, possibly for ARC:
1. Jumpin' and Jerkin' Blues

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Floyd said...

I realy enjoy both as they make there way thrue the music world and took diferent paths they both kept my following. Great photo