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Monday, June 28, 2010

Rockabilly Party

I posted this one when the blog was quite new and here it is again. "Rockabilly Party" has many great tracks on it, for example Art Buchanan's "Time Will Tell" or the two Al Oster tracks.


track list
1. Homer Monroe - It's Many Miles from You
2. Lee Red Melson - Camin Sue Rock
3. Blankenship Brothers - Lonesome Old Jail
4. Bill Bowen - Don't Shoot Me Baby
5. Al Sims - Party
6. Jimmy Stewart - Nuthin' But Nuthin'
7. Blankenship Brothers - Hard Up Blues
8. Carl Belew - I'm Long Gone
9. Lewis Pruitt - Pretty Baby
10. Lee Red Melson - Rockin' Thru the Tunnel of Love
11. Jess Hooper - All Messed Up
12. James Wilson - Wilson Blues No.1
13. Al Oster - Way Up Alaska Way
14. Bill Bowen - Have Myself a Ball
15. Art Buchanan - Time Will Tell
16. Ray Strong - You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
17. Sid Triplett - Pack Up and Go
18. Tom James - Track Down Baby
19. Blankenship Brothers - That's Why I am Blue
20. Carl Trantham - Where There's a Will
21. Sid Triplett - Married Life Blues
22. Curley Rash - Bubble Gum Boogie
23. Tom James - Hey Baby
24. Roban Sanders - You Tore Your Playhouse Down
25. Jess Hooper - Sleepy Time Blues
26. Blankenship Brothers - Waiting for a Train
27. Al Sims - Little Red Caboose
28. Lee Red Melson - I'm Being Haunted
29. Al Oster - Irena Cheyenne
30. Cuzzin Bill Hamby - Heart Break Station

Tracks 4, 6, 16 and 24 are missing...

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