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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dixieland Blues

Voilá ici, here's my next selfmade comp! Inspired by the many early country music blogs coming up in the last months, I compiled the best tracks of them. A special thanks goes to the Hillbilly Researcher blog, from which I got many tracks. Liner notes are in the download folder, hope you like it!


track list:
1. Bill Case - Just a Little More Lovin'
2. Glen Thompson - Dixieland Boogie
3. Dub Adams - Pocahuntas Stomp
4. Curt Hinson - Cotton Pickin' Baby
5. Snake River Outlaws - I Won't Go Huntin' Jake
6. Uncle Ned - I'll Wait for You
7. Tex Dixson - Honky Tonk Swing
8. Doug Harden - Good for Nothing Woman
9. Lester & Darold - Drive Inn Blues
10. Earl Peterson - Take Me Back to Michigan
11. Ludy Harris - That Glory Bound Train
12. Clyde Chesser's Texas Village Boys - Lost Highway
13. Sam Nichols - I Want My Alimony
14. Jimmy Prince - Live and Let Live


rockin-djames said...

Hi Mellow, Thanks a lot for this new comp, i like what you do, keep on rockin. I'm waiting for the next Dixie comps.

Rockin djames

Rocky Lane said...

Well holy cow!
Fabulous compilation.
More of this would be great. Did you notice (I'm sure you did) that most songs are firsts on the label ... and best IMHO.
Rocky Lane