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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleepy LaBeef set

One of my musical heroes and a legend in rockabilly music, Sleepy LaBeef's deep voice can be heard all over the world for more than 50 years now. He began as a local Houston performer around 1955 and since made everything a musician could do: recording for independent labels, for major labels, scoring hits, touring and achieving status as a legend around the world. I compiled a couple of his younger recordings - two of them are live cuts. Listen to them and you'll know why he's an "idol" for me! (By the way: sorry for being so unreliable in the last weeks... I will try to keep my post schedule running, but I won't promise :) )


track list:
1. Low Down Dog
2. Tore Up (live)
3. Big Boss Man
4. Half a Boy and Half a Man
5. Ring of Fire (live)


jean-pierre said...

Sleepy la beef,un des plus grand chanteur de rocka billy§ah comme j'aimerais que l'on identifie les morceaux mysterieux enregistres pour les annexes commerciales de starday(cf royale rec.)circa 55/56conisitant en des reprises de tubes du moment?certains seraient sortis ous des pseudonymes(dixit interview paru dans un vieux new kommotion.quelqu'un a t'il des infos?
a part ca,j'aime beaucoups votre,et vous encourage dans cette voix

Ramis Abud Neto said...

Great blog, great style and great music.
Can you post some things like this by Sleepy LaBeef?
Thank you, Ramis Abud.