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Monday, March 29, 2010

Gateway Rock & Roll Soundalikes

The second volume of the soundalike series. This comp deals with rock & roll covers made for the Gateway label out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Gateway was part of the Rite Record Productions, founded in 1950 by Carl Burckhardt. Rite started his budget label activities in 1952 by launching its new labels Gateway, Big 4 Hits and Kentucky (later more labels followed). We have the great Delbert Barker here covering some nice Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Rite sold his budget outfits in late 1957/early 1958 and concentrated on its custom pressing service, which began in 1955 (see the That's All Rite blog for Rite custom pressings).


track list:
1. Bob LaMont - Dim Dim the Lights
2. Dick Warren - Rock Around the Clock
3. Delbert Barker - So Doggone Lonesome
4. Delbert Barker - Blue Suede Shoes
5. Delbert Barker - Heartbreak Hotel
6. Marv Lockard - Don't Be Cruel
7. Billy St. Claire - Shake, Rattle and Roll
8. Buddy Thomas -Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
9. Earl Robbins - Teddy Bear
10. Jack Daniels - Tutti Frutti


Kegan said...

*Tongue in cheek* Amateurs :P

Interesting stuff to be sure, thanks for the great postings!

jean-pierre said...

great idea to put this tunes on line,its a rare one!
thank a lot
see the "rite " site for complete listing of this budget label and others one
doc bop

Hank the Smoker said...


Regarding DELBERT BARKER, see:



Mellow said...

Hello Hank, thanks for the link. Knew the site before, but thanks though. I have an article about Barker which appeared in Rockin' Fifties.

Hank the Smoker said...

Hi Mellow,

And that article you like to share with us... :-P

Very hard to find info on the net re Barker, so anything is welcome!


Mellow said...


stay tuned. I'm not quite sure, but possibly more info on Barker will appear on the blog... ;)