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Monday, February 22, 2010

Starday & Dixie Rock & Roll Soundalikes

Got very deep into custom pressings and soundalike business in the last few months, so I thought I start a series of rock'n'roll soundalike comps. Every of these versions are very interesting in my opinion and amanzingly many recordings were copied note by note. We start with covers from the Starday/Dixie labels. Starday started their soundalike activities in 1956, releasing several LPs in 1956/1957 and forming the Dixie subsidiary that served as a vehicle for custom pressings, one commercial rock'n'roll series and the soundalike EP series. Have fun!


track list:
1. Leon Payne - Blue Suede Shoes
2. Thumper Jones - Heartbreak Hotel
3. Benny Barnes - I Walk the Line
4. Leon Payne - My Baby Left Me
5. George Jones - Singing the Blues
6. Sleepy LaBeef - You're So Easy to Love
7. George Jones - Eskimo Pie
8. Roger Miller - Who Shot Sam
9. Earl Aycock - I'm Comin' Home
10. Benny Barnes - There You Go

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1verycoolguy said...

Thanks for this one. It is a pretty good album.