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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ric Cartey tribute

As someone recently suggested, I uploaded some of Ric Cartey's RCA Victor songs, because he died last year's August. Cartey was born in 1937 and started off as a rockabilly singer for Stars Records, a local Atlanta label owned by Bill Lowery. His single "Ooh-Wee / Young Love" was picked up by RCA Victor, after several recording stars hit the charts with Cartey's "Young Love". During 1956-1957, he recorded more material for RCA, inlcuding Don Johnston's great "Born to Love One Woman" and "Heart Throb", which was originally recorded and written by Tommy Spurlin. Spurlin was a local Miami rockabilly artist and Bill Lowery picked up the song, pitched it to his writer Jerry Reed, who changed the lyrics a little bit and had Cartey record the song. After success eluded him, Cartey went back to Georgia and recorded for Lowery's NRC label, waxing the classic "Scratchin' On My Screen". After that, he recorded for ABC-Paramount and El-Rico.

Except one unissed RCA Victor track and "Young Love", I uploaded Cartey's complete recorded RCA material.

track list:
1. Born to Love One Woman
2. Heart Throb
3. I Wancha to Know
4. Let Me Tell You About Love
5. Mellow Down Easy
6. My Babe
7. Ooh-Eee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for the cartey's stuff man, a true rockabilly hero!!
thank for posting it...