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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Bear Family & Smith&Co releases

Bear Family and the Dutch label Smith&Co recently anounced their new CD releases for the month of Febuary. There are great discs. Look what's coming up:

Bear Family
1. Big Jeff Bess - Tennessee Home Brew: a CD containing Bess' complete recordings he made in the late 1940s, early 1950s. Bess was a Nashville country music scene personality during these years and gave many later artists such as Chet Atkins or George McCormick a start.

2. Jimmy Donley - The Shape You Left Me In: complete recordings 1957-1960 by Donley, who was a great swamp pop singer and penned many tunes for Fats Domino.

3. Jimmy Edwards - Love Bug Crawl: Edward's 1957 rockabilly hit "Love Bug Crawl" is familiar with most rockabilly fans. Bear family issues now his complete recordings for Lamp, Mercury and RCA.

4. Johnny Horton - The Fantastic: A vinyl LP containing some of Horton's early rockabilly recordings.

5. Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Starclub: Lewis' legendary live recordings at the Starclub in Hamburg, Germany, at which also the Beatles played.

6. VA - A Girl Named Johnny Cash: tribute songs to country stars sung by such artists as Gordon Terry, Merle Haggard and others.

7. Live at Town Hall Party: three new DVDs containing six episodes from the famed Town Hall Party show out of Compton, California.

8. Also scheduled but out of scope for me: Christine Kittrell, Toni Sailer, Robert Mitchum, Smiley Lewis, Jack Elliot.

1. VA - Great Rock'n'Roll Instrumentals Vol.2: a collection of rock & roll instrumental songs famous and obscure artists.

2. VA - Great British Rock'n'Roll Vol.4: more rock & roll from the UK.

3. VA - Great Bristish Skiffle Vol.4: containing classic skiffle recordings from the 1950s, also originally from the UK.

4. VA - Great Rockabilly Vol.4: the fourth edition of this wonderful series, featuring Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Art Adams, Vern Pullens and more.


Kegan said...

Still waiting on more Jones, preferably his earlier stuff, personally, though I'd like it all some day...although, after they flubbed one of his songs on their second Musicor box set, and faded it out too soon, I'll wait until I see the reviews before I buy.

Thanks for the info though, it's nice to stay in the loop. I don't know why they keep re-releasing artists; Johnny Horton's been covered time and again on BF. I'd like to see some obscurer artists.

Mellow said...

You're right Kegan. Can't understand why they keep on re-issuing artists like Johnny Horton, whose songs have been on comps a hundred times... The new Jimmy Edwards and Big Jeff comps are good things, hope they continue to dig out never re-issued material!