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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moatsville String Ticklers day

Not much has been written about the Moatsville String Ticklers, an old-time string band from the small community of Moatsville, Barbour County in West Virginia. The group consisted of (standing) Zel Frey, Doyle Shaffer, Brooks Ritter, and Floyd Frey and (seated) Marshall Summers, Harold Ritter, Cecil Frey, and Gordon Frey. Harold and Brooks Ritter were brothers and worked as carpenters. Harold was later involved in a car accident around World War II and after that, he manufactured musical instruments. Brooks Ritter (banjo) and Cecil Frey (fiddle) led the group that held only one session for Columbia in October 1929 in Johnson City during Frank Walker's field session there. They cut four songs, of which "Moatsville Blues" and "The West Virginia Hills" were released. The recordings by the Moatsville String Ticklers were one of the earliest known by West Virginia old-time musicians.

Here are the two released songs:

1. Moatsville Blues
2. The West Virginia Hills


larry frey said...

you have the FREY name wrong it is FREY not FRYE

larry frey said...

you have the FREY name wrong it is FREY not FRYE

Mellow said...

Hello Larry,

judging from your last name, I suppose you have to know it better since you are related to them?

By the way, I corrected it!

Joseph Scott said...

Zel Frye clearly signed his 1918 draft card "Frye" and the Barbour County register of births for Cecil has "Frye" for Cecil and Zel.