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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dillards - Live Almost

"Live!!! Almost!!" was originally recorded in 1964 for Collecatbles Records and was re-issued in 2004 on Elektra with the 1963 LP "Back Porch Bluegrass", which I posted last week. Here's the second part of the reissue.


1. Black-Eyed Susie
2. Never See My Home Again
3. There Is a Time
4. Old Blue
5. Sinkin' Creek
6. The Whole World Round
7. Liberty
8. Dixie Breakdown
9. Walkin' Down the Line
10. Jody's Tune
11. Pretty Polly
12. Tarters in Sandy Lane Gimme Chew TBaccer
13. Buckin' Mule


Anonymous said...

great album

Anonymous said...

This album was also released in '64 for Elektra. I know it because I owned it then. Collectables later dir a reissue!

Timmy said...

Groovy stuff. Many thanx!