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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dillards - Back Porch Bluegrass

I posted this or another Dillards album last year or so, but I re-upped it because I deleted the post. When I posted this I was asked by Mitch for some Dillards bluegrass and I hope, he liked it. I cannot remember which of the two albums I posted, maybe both. However, listen to this, the Dillards have a real fine bluegrass sound. This one came out originally in 1963 and was reissued with "Almost Live".


track list:
1. Old Joseph
2. Somebody Touched Me
3. Polly Vaughn
4. Banjo Hollow
5. Dooley
6. Lonesome Indian
7. Ground Hog
8. Old Home Place
9. Hickory Hollow
10. Old Man at the Mill
11. Doug's Tune
12. Rainin' Here This Mornin'
13. Cols Travellin'
14. Reuben's Banjo
15. Duellin' Banjo (Hootin' Banjo)


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing this classic!
do you have their pickin' and fiddlin? i've been looking for that one for a while.

Anonymous said...

great blog!! hey, why don't you do a ric cartey's day one of these days...jij...I mean,as a kind of tribute... you know... really great stuff here! best wishes for this years!!

Timmy said...

Very grateful for this rave round-up! Thanx...