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Monday, January 25, 2010

Country & Western CD1

Another low budget comp. Typical 1970s country recordings by more or lesser known singers. Most of the songs were re-recordings of hits. Highlights are "Me and Bobby McGee" by Bobby Bare, Johnny Cash's 1956 number one hit "I Walk the Line" and Patsy Kline [!] with "Walkin' after Midnight". Enjoy!


track list:
1. John Denver - Rocky Mountain High
2. Bobby Bare - Me and Bobby McGee
3. Dave Dudley - Six Days on the Road
4. Dolly Parton - (It Wasn't Go Who Made) Honky Tonk Angels
5. Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living
6. Ferlin Husky - Money Greases the Wheel
7. George Kent - Mama Bake a Pie, Daddy Kill a Chicken
8. Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line
9. Karen O'Donnell - I Know What It's All About Now, Mama
10. Kitty Wells - I Can't Stop Loving You
11. Patsy Kline [!] - Walking after Midnight
12. Ray Price - Heartaches By the Number
13. Rick Key - Rodeo Drifter
14. Roger Miller - King of the Road
15. Ronnie Rogers - It's Good to Know She's There
16. Johnny Russell - Jambalaya

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