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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Asa Martin day #3

On the left, you can see Asa Martin (right) with Jim Gaskin at radio WIRV in the late 1960s. Roberto was so kind to send me a bunch of other Asa Martin songs I didn't post before and I want to share them with you. I first thought of an CRH compilation, but then I decided to post them this way here, because I think it's easier.
Last week, I wrote an article about Dennis W. Taylor, a rich farmer from Richmond, KY. Taylor was instrumental in bringing many Kentucky old-time musicians to Gennett Records and so he did with Doc Roberts, Martin's long-time musical partner. Roberts' farm bordered on Taylor's and when Taylor was looking for artists to record, he choose Roberts. This led to a long-running contract with Gennett and although Roberts had several other guitarists to back him, he picked Martin for his annual 1928 Gennett recording session, which was the beginning of a successful and long career. I don't know what to say else: enjoy the music.

Thanks to Roberto for sharing these gems!


track list:
1. Death of J.B. Marcum
2. Hang Down Your Head and Cry
3. I Tickled Her Under the Chin
4. Jack Walk Papa
5. Lost Love
6. She Ain't Built that Way [1]
7. She Ain't Built thta Way [2]
8. The Pine Tree on the Hill
9. The Wanderin' Hobo
10. There's No Place Like Home
11. Take Those Lips Away (with Fiddlin' Doc Roberts)


Stephen said...

Asa Martin was one of my favorite old-time musicians. I especially like the alternate take on "She Ain't Built That Way"! Thanks very much for posting!

roberto said...

you are welcome, friend.

timmers said...
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timmers said...

I love Asa Martin and it's sad how unknown he is. I have been searching hard for crawlin and creepin (?) by him. Anyway, i'd love to hear these tracks but the link is defunct. Thanks!

Mellow said...


Unfortunately, I haven't these recordings anymore. Since megaupload was taken down, I lost many files. I haven't most of them anymore.