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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anni & Gerda / The Benicarlos on Decca

A rare Decca 45 released in Germany, probably in the 1950s. There are plenty of Anni & Gerda records for sale on the web, but I cound't find anything about them on web. The flip was a song by the Benicarlos called "Blauer Himmel, weiße Wolken" ("Blue Sky, White Clouds"), which also appeared in the 1958 film "Die Landärztin". The group was primary a studio vocal act that backed other artists and recorded also solo. They consisted of the Corner Trio (which were present on every session) and Rolf Simson, who sang with them once in a while. Also some other studio singers were at one time or another part of the Benicarlos. They recorded for Decca and Telefunken (affliated with Decca). I found a discography of their songs here.


track list:
Anni & Gerda - Komm doch wieder
Die Benicarlos - Blauer Himmel, weiße Wolken

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Grosse Klasse und - thanks so much! - hootsmon