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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something about The Dixie Harmonairs

I bet nobody knows this group. I also know nothing about the group...

The Dixie Harmonaires were a Rockabilly group that recorded two songs for the small Dixie label out of Covington, Kentucky (which was not associated with Starday's Dixie Records). When you look at the labels of the 45s, you will see that the records were rudimentary manufactured. However, the Dixie Harmonaires had their first single out with "Hi Yo Silver" (the flip side as well as catalog number or release date of this single are unknown), which was the only recording re-issued later. A second release followed with "Honey Hush" b/w "Rock Around the Clock". You see that they recorded Rock & Roll classics; the "Hi Yo Silver" was indeed a remake of "Honey Hush" (heavily inspired by the Johnny Burnette version). The Rockabilly Hall of Fame page of "Rock Around the Clock" files the recording as late 1950s/early 1960s.

If anyone has more info on the Dixie Harmonaires, please pass it along. Go to Terry Gordon's RCS site for label shows, re-issue info and song samples.

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