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Monday, November 16, 2009

Miami Rockabilly, Volume 3

The last LP of this series. This one was dedicated to Jimmy Voytek (pictured), who died, one year before the release of this LP, in 1980. Also great songs on in, check it out. A great thanks again to Uncle Gil and Willie, without them I wouldn't be able to post this great record.


1. Jimmy Voytek - Close Your Eyes
2. Buck Trail - Honky Tonk on Second Street
3. Bobby Gay - Let's Dance
4. Jimmy Voytek - Sweetest Gal in Town
5. Rhythm Rockets - Everybody's Gonna Do the Rock'n'Roll
6. Jimmy Gale's Imperials - Dandy Sandy
7. Wally Dean - Rockin' with Rosie
8. Jimmy Voytek - Don't Be a Square
9. Curley Jim Morrison - Rock'n'Roll Itch
10. Bobby Gay - You're Nice
11. Jimmy Voytek - Kitten
12. Roxsters - She's Mine
13. Jimmy Gale's Imperials - We're Gonna Rock All Night
14. Wally Dean - I'm Tellin' Ya Baby

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these 3 great LP's.
Do you have the Riley Crabtree CD (Cattle CD 317)....it apparently has 2 tracks with Eddie Cochran on guitar.
It would make a great post!!!