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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jimmy Dallas story

Dallas was a long, long time part of the KC scene, beginning in the early 50s. Read his story:

Jimmy Dallas was born on July 26, 1927, and started his career in music probably in the early 1950s. I first heard of him as a member of KCMO's "Cowtown Jubilee", a live stage show much in the style of the "Brush Creek Follies", only lesser popular. He made his first recordings in 1955 for the local Westport company, cutting straight country music. Dallas never got much into other genres like rock'n'roll that was popular during the 50s, he always played downhome country. In 1959, he hosted the Jimmy Dallas Show on KMBC-TV that had also guest appereances by other artists like the Country Styleers, Cherokee Johnnie and Mary Bee. Around the same time he also worked as a DJ on KANS in KC.

The following years saw Dallas working around Dallas, often as a DJ but also as a live act. During the 1970s, he recorded several singles for local labels and had also an LP issue later on. Dallas died on September 28, 2004.


Anonymous said...

I just found a Westport label 45 with Jimmy Dallas (and Cathy Justice on A-side). This guy was super good! Too bad that he didn't get more fame in the 50's, and had to turn mediocre in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

exedpropWhat was the song? I think he sang ," Railroad, steamboat, river and canal, Yonder comes a sucker and He's got my gal"

debbiefalesrose@yahoo.com said...

My Sister knew him personally, she new his wife Delores. He sang "Wonder Drug" and He sang "Thats my kinda of love on the other side of the 45. She still has the record. She knew Cherokee Johnny. debbiefalesrose@yahoo.com

wmprof said...

Jimmy had a country music bar on 40 hwy here in KC during the eighties and nineties, I did his books for him.

He was the show every nite and the place was packed on weekends. Super nice guy and great entertainer. Nothing mediocre about him.

Arkansas Red said...

Worked with Jimmy on the old Cowtown Jubilee show at the Ivanhoe Temple in Kansas City back in the early fifties. Back in the eighties, Hobie Shepp of the Cowtown Wranglers found me and invited me to come perform at a "re-union" show of all the old Brush Creek and Cowtown Jubilee people still around. That was the last time I saw Jimmy Dallas, or Hobie. It was great to see them all again....for the last time. Had some great memories of the Cowtown Jubilee, Dal Stallard, Tiny Tillman, Milt Dickey, and all the crew.