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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Georgia Organ Grinders day

The Georgia Organ Grinders were a short lived group that consisted of Skillet Lickers members. The name was used by Clayton McMichen, who recorded under various pseudonyms for Columbia between 1926 and 1931. McMichen also recorded with several musicians (such as Riley Puckett, Lowe Stokes, Claude Davis, Bert Layne and more) under the names of Bob Nichols and Oscar Ford. "My Carolina Home", a hit record in 1931, was recorded by McMichen with Riley Puckett under the name of "Bob Nichols". However, the Georgia Organ Grinders held their only session in 1929. The line-up featured Clayton McMichen (fiddle), Bert Layne (fiddle), Lowe Stokes (organ), Fate Norris (banjo), Melvin Dupree (guitar) and Dan Hornsby (vocals). All six recordings the group made were issued on Columbia. The photo shows some of the Grinders members: Bert Layne, Lowe Stokes, unknown, Clayton McMichen and Claude Davis (left to right).

Here are three songs of them:
1. Charming Betsy
2. Four Thousand Years Ago
3. Smoke Behind the Clouds

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Allen`s Archive said...

You mention that "Oscar Ford" was an alias for Clayton McMichen. Oscar Ford was a real person that recorded for Columbia, had at least 2 different sessions. The first session was with a man named Dewey Grace. After that Oscar Ford recorded with Clayton McMichen fiddling & Riley Puckett on guitar as back-up. Mr. Ford was a dentist! On the session with Dewey Grace, nobody is 100% sure which one played guitar or fiddle, although it is Oscar Ford singing. His complete recordings is available on a Document cd called Georgia Songsters. Walter Morris is also on the cd. I recommend the cd, both artists were unique and neat to hear.