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Monday, October 12, 2009

Texas Rock & Roll

CRH R-04 - It's time for my next selfmade comp. This one contains all Derrell Felts rockabilly recordings he made. I know that he recorded more material for sure, but I couldn't locate it yet. So here we go with Rockin' Rollin' Derrell! Check out his classic "Playmate" - excellent guitar work, slap bass and driving drums. Also great are his 1956 demos he made at Jack Rhodes' studio. This is the only comp available I think that gathered all of Felts' 1950s recordings. Hope you like it!


track list:
1. Playmates
2. The Weeper
3. It's a Great Big Day
4. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie
5. Too Much Lovin (Goin' On)
6. Rock Saturday Night
7. Shake It Up and Move
8. It's a Great Big Day

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